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Exercise Videos: New  Woman, Seniors Fun Workouts & Home Exercise Videos Exercise Videos

Exercise Videos Exercise Videos Exercise Videos Exercise Videos Exercise Videos
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Exercise Videos
Exercise Videos Exercise Videos

Level 1: Easy Exercises Videos/DVDs

Benefits of exercising with These Easy Fitness and Exercise Videos/DVDs

You Exercise in the Leisure of your home, without the traveling time to Gyms, Machines, Noise , Gym Fees, Germs.....
These Easy Exercise Videos/DVDs Give you the Exact Same Benefits! Start Now  with these Easy Fitness Exercises Video / DVD and be on your way to Good Health & Weight Loss.

Sunshine demonstrates each of the easy-to-follow fun exercises, pointing out safe, proper form and ways to ensure maximum benefit. Itís like having your own personal trainer, one-on-one!

Try the Combinations! Easy Exercise Videos/DVDs,  There are No Shipping and Handling charges when you Order the Combos.

You can also Send these Easy Exercise Videos/DVDs  as Gifts to Family and Friends. THE BEST GIFT THAT YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF / ANYONE IS GOOD HEALTH!

easy isometrics increase strength exercises seniors rehabilitation stretching videos

Easy Fitness Exercise Video/DVD Pilates & Calesthenics exercises that will increase your strength, balance and endurance

Easy Safe Exercises with Pilates, Calesthenics & Stretching

The Easy Exercises in this video / DVD are orthopedically safe and require no special equipment. It is great for improving your strength, flexibility, overall mobility and health.

The upper body has Easy Exercises  that can be done sitting or standing, and the lower body exercises are done standing while holding the back of a chair. This is done specifically to strengthen the lower body. The pace is slow and relaxed in this Easy Fitness Exercise Video /DVD. Within a few weeks, youíll notice enhanced overall increased health with this Easy exercise video / DVD
Great also for Seniors and Elderly who want to do a Easy Exercise Fitness Strength Training routine!   

Sale $12.95

seniors rehab reverse aging sitting weight control exercises videos

Resistance Band Easy  Exercise Fitness Video /DVD   comes with 2 resistance bands, good for people who canít / don't want to use gym machines or free weights.

A Complete Easy Exercise and Fitness with  Resistance Bands Workout and Lower Body strengthening Exercises

The Easy Exercises on this Easy fitness  Video/DVD  done with the two resistance bands enable you to target and strengthen every muscle group. After just a few weeks, youíll notice improved strength, flexibility and overall fitness.
 This Easy Exercise Fitness Video/DVD   is specially designed for overweight / obese people, rehab patients, Seniors and Elderly, all of the exercises on the Video are Easy, Simple and  orthopedically safe.

 Great also for Seniors and Elderly who want to do an Easy Exercise Strengthening and fitness routine.   

Sale $25.99

fun weight ball exercises medicine balls

Medicine Ball Easy Exercise Video/DVD Comes with a Variable Medicine Weight Ball that can be filled with Sand/Water

This Medicine Weight ball Easy Exercise Video / DVD will Firm, Tone, Strengthen your Body, You will  Regain your Mobility, Strength & Flexibility.

This medicine waterball is very special. You replace many different fixed weight balls by filling this medicine waterball to your specific strength / resistance level. Fill it with WATER to go from 1 lb upto 3.5 lbs., or fill it with SAND to go up to 5 lbs.

Using this Easy Exercises video / DVD  and the medicine water ball  will enhance your strength, flexibility, overall fitness, gain more mobility and endurance.   this Videos has Very simple & easy exercises for the upper body, back, & lower body. Good also for Seniors and Elderly who want to do an Easy Fitness and Strength  Exercise routine   

Sale $29.99

light weight strength training exercises videos

Lightweight Easy Exercise Video/DVD for Strength Training

Easy Lightweight Exercises to Firm, Tone & Strengthen your body

This  Easy lightweight exercise fitness video/dvd is simple, easy and fun to do. These lightweight exercises will increase your strength, endurance & mobility.

The simple easy lightweight exercises on the video / DVD are orthopedically safe. The pace is slow and relaxed. Every muscle group is targeted. After just a few weeks, Youíll notice overall fitness. By using this Easy Lightweight exercise video / DVD, You will  enhance your strength, flexibility, overall fitness, gain more mobility and endurance.  
Good also for Seniors and Elderly who  want to do a Senior Easy Simple Fitness Exercise routine.

Sale $12.95

seniors light weight ball exercises

Lightweight Balls Easy Exercises Video/DVD comes with two Lightweight Balls

Good also for Arthritis!

Using  the Exercise Lightweight BALLS & Easy  Exercise Video / DVD , Youíll firm, tone & strengthen your body and regain more mobility & flexibility. This lightweight balls with  the Easy Exercise Fitness Video/DVD  has simple easy to follow Exercises that are good for people with Arthritis.

The simple easy lightweight balls exercises on the Video/DVD are orthopedically safe and require no other special equipments. The pace is slow and relaxed and every muscle group is targeted. These exercises also Relieve Arthritis Pain The exercises are made specifically for those that want to stay Independent and stop Arthritis from progressing futher, Exercising with the light weight balls may even assit in reversing arthritis and stopping it from spreading futher, and is Good also Good for Seniors and Elderly who want to do Easy  Exercises  for  Strength and to Stay Active and Independent. !  

Sale $29.99

home exercise weight loss videos

Beginners Easy Lightweight Exercises A full body workout of 2 Sets X 12

The Beginners  Easy Fun Exercise Fitness Video/DVD using Light Weights!

Strength training is an important part of any exercise program. It is essential to weight loss and preventing the muscle loss that occurs naturally with the aging process causes. If youíve never lifted weights before or if youíre just getting back into it, this is the Easiest Fitness and beginner weight training workout for you.

With this Easy Beginners light weight Fun Fitness exercise DVD, youíll firm and tone your body. Burn fat and replace it with lean muscle.Lose Weight Faster.Youíll get a complete Weight Training workout as you strength train each of your muscle groups. And whatís really exciting is that youíll see results after just a couple of weeks. This is a Great Exercise and Fitness Video/ DVD for Weight Loss    

Sale $12.95

Exercise Videos

Funcercise Resistance Bands Exercise Videos/DVD Women's Easy resistance bands fun home Fitness Exercise Video &Fast weight loss using 3 resistance bands that are included with the video

A Complete Gym in Your Pocket (Video comes with 3 resistance bands)

This Resistance Easy Exercise & fitness Dvd / video is for Women, Baby Boomers Brides,Obese, and those who want to replace the gym and exercise at home. If youíve been putting off getting into shape, this Easy fitness video DVD is just what you need to get started. Itís easy to do even if youíre a beginner.This is a Great resistance bands fitness workout for Fast Weight Loss, You can lose 10 Lb in 14 days! And you never have to leave the comfort of your own home because this video comes with everything you need. This video replaces the entire GYM:  Compare   

Sale $24.99


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Level I Buy this video with Fun Beginners Light Weights and rotate between your workouts to achieve faster benefits

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Level II Buy this video with Fun Circuit Weights Exercise and rotate between your workouts to achieve faster benefits

Buy Together Today: $37.94

Funcercise: The Women's Fun Easy Home Exercise resistance Bands Videos & Fitness Exercises. These New Women's resistance Bands Fun Exercises Replace the Gym & is like having Your Own Home Gym. Fun Beginners: Women's & Seniors New Fun Beginners Light Weight Dumbbell Simple Easy Home Exercises Videos Fun Circuit: Women's, Instructors, Athletes Circuit Training with Weights, Extreme Intense Weight Training Video Non Stop Sets for Endurance, Strength, Stamina & Cardio. A Complete Total Body Workout with Triple Whammy Supersets. Seniors Isometrics: Seniors, Elderly, Groups, Easy Simple Home Fun Isometrics Exercise Video Seniors Funcercise: Seniors, Elderly, Nursing Homes & Rehabilitation resistance Bands Home Easy Fun Exercise Videos Light Weight: The natural aging process causes muscle loss and fat gain. You can put a stop to that process with our Fun Light Weight Strength Training Video. Light Weight: The natural aging process causes muscle loss and fat gain. You can put a stop to that process with our Fun Light Weight Strength Training Video. Ball Medicine Ball: This MEDICINE WATERBALL IS VERY SPECIAL, You can fill it with WATER to go from ĺ lb upto 4 lbs., or fill it with sand to go up to 8 lbs.


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