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Seniors Resistance Band Exercise DVD, Fitness Bands DVD
Seniors Resistance Band Exercise DVD, Fitness Bands DVD

Senior Easy Pilate's Resistance Bands Exercise DVD (comes with 2 Resistance Bands).
This SENIORS Resistance Bands Exercise DVD is a Simple and Easy Resistance Bands Pilate's Exercise DVD with safe and effective strength exercises for Seniors, Assisted living, Senior Citizens Centers, Rehabilitation patients and people who can't go to the gym or use machines.
This Seniors Resistance Band Pilate's Exercise DVD, is Good also for Overweight People, Rehab Patients, Physical Therapy, Group and Recreation exercises. 
This Pilate's Resistance Bands Exercise Video has special Exercises for Seniors & Elderly that are done to give You an Easy Alternative to Gyms, Machines & Weights. 
The best way to slow down the natural aging process is to exercise. This Seniors Resistance Bands Exercise DVD makes it easy all the Pilate's Resistance bands exercises on the Dvd are orthopedically safe. They can be done any time, anywhere, sitting or standing. The pace is Slow and Relaxed.


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This Seniors Resistance Bands exercise video comes with Two resistance bands which enable you to target and strengthen every muscle group.
The First part of the video has upper body exercises with the resistance bands to strengthen your entire upper body with arms, shoulders, chest exercises and the 2nd part has lower body resistance exercises with the bands for the legs.
The 3rd Segment has Standing exercises with /without holding a chair that will strengthen your lower back, hips, legs and Give You better Balance, Flexibility and Mobility.

Within a few weeks, you’ll notice improved strength, flexibility and overall fitness. You might even find you have lots more energy and vitality!
Especially designed for seniors, overweight people and rehab patients, all of the exercises on the DVD are orthopedically safe. They can be done any time, anywhere, sitting or standing. The pace is slow and relaxed. Order now and be on your way to GOOD HEALTH!

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These Easy Senior Pilates exercises on the DVD are orthopedically safe and require no special equipment. The exercises are specifically tailored for seniors and elderly and those that cant use weights /machines, The exercises are Non Impact & Non Aerobic making this the best easy fitness & exercise dvd for seniors that want to do some form of strength, balance, and flexibily exercises.

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